Laser Cutting Machine For PCD PCBN Diamond

Every laser machine introduced and sold in the market uses laser beam to perform the task it is designed for. Chn-Top Sci & Tech Co., Ltd. is over a 15 year old engineering company that bring forth highly efficient industrial laser machines to worldwide market. From cutting, engraving, lapping, polishing, brazing to grinding, this set of machines perform variegated tasks. Industries operating in different sectors opt for industrial laser machines, given to their process advantages, power efficiencies, safety and incredible precision. Each machine in the set is designed and developed to work with different materials and workpieces, whether simple or complex in design.
Product Image (ZT-JG3S)

Laser Cutting Machine for PCD PCBN Tools

Price: 60000-80000 USD ($)

ZT-JG3S laser cutting machine is mainly used for precision cutting ultra-hard materials PCD PCBN CVD, etc Ceramic and some other precious and hard machined material

Product Image (ZT-PG250)

Polishing Machine for PCD PCBN CVD PDC cutter

Price: 15000-20000 USD ($)

ZT-PG250 polishing machine for PCD PCBN tools is developed for ultra-hard material, the roughness of polished surface can reach Ra0.02um, for other material such as carbide ,ceramic , polishing results is also can statifying

Product Image (ZT-JGDK26)

Diamond Tool Chip Breaker Laser Engraving Machine

Price: 60000-70000 USD ($)

The ZT-JGDK26 laser engraving machine is mainly used for PCD PCBN, Solid CBN , etc diamond tools chip breaker.

Product Image (ZT-90)

Tool Grinder for PCD PCBN Diamond Tools

Price: 45000-50000 USD ($)

Similar specification with Ewag RS15

Product Image (ZT-JGYM/400)

Laser Lapping Machine for PCD PCBN Blank

Price: 60000-70000 USD ($)

The machine is used for PCD/PDC/CVD rough polish process with very efficient work. It can instead of the existing polish process and save the diamond waste. ZT-JGYM laser polish machine can work w automatically without labor in 24 hours. Low waste; Clean; Environment protective ;


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